Necklace Tips Please take note of the necklace measurements listed for each item. If you'd like a slightly longer or shorter necklace let us know the exact length you'd like in the "special instructions" box when ordering.

A round necklace is especially flattering on the long and slender neck. A long lariat or y-style necklace helps the shorter neck to look longer.

The neckline of your dress will ultimately be the main determination however as to which style of necklace will look best.

Strapless  - With this style dress the options are endless! You can choose from a choker, lariat, round, multiple layers or y-style. To accentuate the shoulders or to just keep a simpler look, we recommend a choker or round necklace. For a bolder look, you can opt for bare shoulders and wear dramatic chandelier earrings instead.

V Neck  - Our first recommendation would be a y-style necklace. This type of necklace follows the shape of the neckline nicely. If you wish to accentuate the V neckline a choker or round necklace will be perfect.

Halter Top  - The best styles for this type of dress are the y-style, pendant and lariat. The y-style and pendant look beautiful with a halter top neckline. Lariats are an excellent choice as well because they add beauty to the bare back as well as a touch of elegance to the front of the neck. Another option is not to wear any necklace but yet wear large chandelier earrings. This look is very glamorous and flattering to the halter top style.

Open Back -  Any dress that shows your back will be a perfect match for a lariat necklace. The lariat necklace looks like a round necklace in the front and has two long drops that wrap around eachother and drape down the back.

Square Top  - The classic look of a square neckline is complimented by a round necklace. A necklace with one or more short drops would go well also.

Scoop Neck  - We recommend a round necklace for this neckline. The scooped shape of a round necklace mirrors the scoop of the dress. The necklace could be made of one strand or many. A multiple layered illusion necklace is an excellent choice for this style gown

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Swarovski Topdrilled and Freshwater Pearl Necklace #913

Swarovski Topdrilled and Freshwater Pearl Necklace #913

Gorgeous swarovski crystal and freshwater pearl necklace is pefect for brides, bridesmaids or for everyday wear. Features 6mm freshwater pearls...

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V Necklace Hand Woven Swarovski Crystal

V Necklace Hand Woven Swarovski Crystal

This necklace is my personal favourite, my daughter wore this at her wedding and it was a show stopper. Hand woven using genuine swarovski crystals...

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